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What Kind of Blogs Are Most Successful?

So, you think you want to wander into the great blogosphere to share your knowledge and wisdom or your snarky opinions. Your zeal for sharing this knowledge with others through a blog can be very rewarding in a variety of ways. The reward you probably are thinking of, though, is money. Many very successful blogs are growing and making money for their owners. But remember, blogging is about creating content that makes people want to keep coming back. Bloggers who strive to keep their blog up to date while providing a good user experience (e.g., keeping WordPress up to date) are the ones who are still alive. But to be really successful, you have to focus on one niche or type. Let’s go through the most successful models of blogs.

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Lifestyle Blogs

Do a little research and see what sections of the local and national newspapers are. (answer: Lifestyle section) Now check out just how many lifestyle channels are out there. Bazillions (or so it seems). There’s no doubt that this hones into our curiosity about how other lifestyles and cultures live. I should say that for this area, a good quality camera or video equipment might be necessary. Pictures (and videos) are worth a thousand words. So, if this is your jam, then pick your lifestyle niche and write on.

Food Blogs

Food doesn’t just provide nutrition, it’s one of the world’s most popular pastimes! Gourmet meals, healthy eating, fine dining, or even exciting new recipes are all avenues to blog about. The most successful blogs tend to have a specific niche and become the authority in that arena.

Fashion Blogs

Calling all fashionistas! This is a popular type of blog because both bloggers and readers alike have style! It’s crucial to pick your specialty. Are you showing off and talking about the latest trends you see on the runway? Are you helping curvy ladies look fabulous? How about helping men to find some style at work? Whatever is your passion is going to come through on your blog. If you’re passionate enough, your audience will grow as your blog develops.

Travel Blogs

We all dream of traveling to far off exotic locales, and if you do too, that means travel blogging might be what you’re thinking of. This one is a bit of a crowded field. But if you look at many travel blogs, they’re poorly written and * gasp * boring. Successful travel blogs aren’t about what you did or who you met, it’s about the location you visit and helping readers imagine themselves there. High res photos and videos are a must. Podcasts are interesting too.

Music Blogs

Music… food for the soul. If you have a passion for music and your friends are always asking you for music recommendations, starting a music blog might be for you. So let me sound like a broken record (**snickers at awesome pun**) you need to pick a niche.
Some ideas:

  • Local music scene blog (local artists, venues, events listing, reviews)
  • Music genre blog (classical, country, R&B, rap, electronic, dance, pop)
  • “Behind the business” blog (record labels, artist managers, recording studios)
  • Live music blog (reviews of live shows and festivals, what to take to a festival, how to meet your favorite bands)
  • Music education blog (how to learn an instrument, how to start a band, how to find a recording studio)

Once you define your niche and decide what your blog will cover, you’re ready to make an impact online.

Fitness Blogs

Fitness blogs aren’t just for the over-enthused athlete. Fitness blogs help inspire people to exercise more and are an excellent way for you to stay motivated, log your progress, and share your successes and secrets with the world. But be aware, the competition is fierce, so you better find your own spin on it and make it interesting if you want those followers.

DIY Blogs

Combine that passionate soul with a fearless do-it-yourselfer and throw in a little don't-take-yourself-too-seriously. What do you get? The perfect DIY Blog. This is a great outlet to let you show off your talents and help teach others how to do…well… just about everything!

Sports Blogs

Ah, the great American pastime… sports. We play sports, watch sports and we talk about sports – a lot. Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume you even want to write about sports! Well, in this arena, you’re going to want to write about what you know (or be prepared to be shredded by your readers). As much as you’d like to, you just can’t cover everything well. Narrow your focus to a topic you really enjoy. Then determine how you can be just a bit different from every other sports blog out there and write away.

Wrap Up

Starting a blog is really not the hard part... Making it successful is.   Keeping up with trends and giving the best, most interesting, visual content you can will get you far.

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