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8 Amazing Websites for B2B Designed to Get Customers

Professional website design for B2B companies is crucial… You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that impression comes from your website.   That’s kind of a scary thought.  And designing a b2b website that actually converts visitors into buyers can be pretty tricky.

According to Blue Corona, nearly 50% of B2B search queries today are made on smartphones, and this percentage will grow to 70% by 2020. More than 90% say that if they come to your b2b site on a mobile device and it looks bad or doesn’t work well, they take it as a sign that you don’t care. Yikes – but we can’t say we blame them?  B2B customers are coming to you because they want a product or solution they can trust.  How can you help them if you’re not putting forth a professional image of your own?

You need to know the elements of a great b2b website so you can tell your brand’s story powerfully and grab customers in the process.

The great news is… we’ve found some great examples of b2b websites that do just that, they convert those visitors into customers.   We’ve taken some of the best points that you should be using in your b2b website design and given you examples of some really great uses of those practices.  Use these examples as a guide to creating a killer, sales producing website within just a few weeks.

Ease of Use – Know what your customers want.

Every customer is different, but according to HubSpot, 76% of them say the most important factor in a website's design is ease of use and the ability to find the information they need.

Powerwest designs and builds power generation solutions for mining and resources companies. Land on this page and you immediately know what this company can do for you. It uses language that is easy to understand, accompanied by high-quality photos of job sites. The CTAs are clear and their navigation panels are easy to follow. One of the best things about this website is that it isn’t text-heavy. The wording used is concise and to-the-point, answering questions without explaining too much. And if you do have additional questions, it’s easy to submit a query in the navigation panel that follows you as you scroll.


Your customer is one person.  If you can be specific about who that individual is, you can be way more relevant to your audience.  Focus on the way your one reader is thinking and feeling.

JekillandHyde is a great example of knowing your audience and tailoring the story around it.


Encourage engagement

While JekillandHyde also fit into this category, Packlane is a company that offers full customization, instant quotes and a quick turnaround. Their CTAs encourage customers to go through the customization process and even has a step-by-step graphic illustrating how the process works. Packlane’s website also provides loads of photos of projects completed in the past to help inspire prospective customers.


Define your value proposition clearly

A value proposition is a great chance to state what you offer.  It tells what makes your product or service different (and better) from others, and how buyers will benefit from that. Keep your value proposition short and to the point.

MailChimp is a good example of a great value proposition for the marketing automation and an email marketing service.


Use visible and consistent CTAs

Take a look at Nutshell.  I'll bet you can tell exactly what they want you to do... Get a Free Trial of course.  You can't miss it!

You can have the most beautiful, straight to the point, value proposition nailed b2b website.  But if it doesn't contain a visible CTA, it’s all for nothing. If your visitors have no clear idea of what they need to do to proceed, they’ll simply leave your website. All your time and effort down the drain! Make sure to use clear, attractive calls to action that take your customers by the hand and lead them down the pate to complete your offer.


Websites for b2b companies need testimonials.  Can I say that again… you need testimonials! This allows potential customers to better understand how your product or service can benefit them and shows that it has value. mHelpDesk is a great showcase of this.  Not only do they have testimonials, but they are video testimonials.  Those show that real humans are behind the words and are more believable.


Case studies

Quid is a case study of case studies.  They use colorful visuals to draw your attention to their case studies.

Case studies not only demonstrate your expertise but also can highlight how a particular need is helped by using your product or service. They’re a great tool to show businesses how you can solve their issues.


Write like a human - Don't make me translate you

I’m not talking about English vs Spanish. I’m referring to those dreaded acronyms that YOU know the meaning of, but your buyers may not. Your buyers need to come across words, phrases, and concepts that are familiar to them.
The best wording and tone of voice should come directly from your buyers mouths. Spend time talking to your customers:
• Ask them to tell you what your product means to them;
• What problem it solves;
• How their life was before using it.
Techport 13 does it right. Their value proposition explains what they do in very simple language.


How does your b2b website stack up when it comes to generating sales?

Leave us a comment below with your top tips!


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