Why would I ever need a Custom Website?

These days you can have your own website up and running in a matter of minutes with a ready-made template website design.  That is all well and good if you need to get a website up in a hurry, but when you are ready to really make a difference with your website you might want to consider getting a professional custom website design.  A custom website design helps your site to stand out from the pack and get noticed.  Studies now show that you have literally a fraction of a second to get a viewer who clicks on your page to decide to keep reading.  A fraction of a second!

Your design is what gets them interested enough to read your copy, so it is vital that your design catches their attention.  If your page looks just like every other page out there, you are likely to lose a lot of potential viewers before they even have the chance to read what you are offering them.  A custom design can get their attention and even more than that, it can help make more conversions than a template because it can focus on the specific design elements that are known to convert viewers into buyers.

When you are creating a website the most important thing is branding.  Branding is a way of creating your image so that it is unique and truly represents the image you want to project into the marketplace.  Your website design is one of the biggest ways of branding yourself and your company so it needs to be unique and set you apart from the crowd.  There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of other people who are trying to sell the same product or concept and your website, your brand is what is going to make them choose you over all the others.

A plain, boring, run of the mill website will only get you so far.  There is so much competition on the internet these days that you have to be cutting edge, unique and different to get enough attention to sell your product or service.  Features such as a unique header with your own company logo, the right photos, blogs, videos and so on will set you apart, but they can’t all just be thrown together in a big jumble.  There is a specific science to ordering the elements on your page to create conversions and a custom website design is needed to do just that.

Think of your website as your home.  Your home is as different and unique as you are.  When someone walks into your home, or views your website, they should immediately start to “get to know you”.  Creating that kind of a feeling is what turns viewers into buyers because people buy products and services from people they “know, like and trust”.  Your website’s job is to get people to feel like they know you, like you and trust you and a custom website design is the absolute best possible way to accomplish just that.

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