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When to Redesign Your Web Site

Most website owners hardly think about redesigning their websites. As far as they’re concerned, once their website works, they’re fine. While there’s nothing wrong with this thinking, the truth is that as with all things that you value, you need to consistently improve, tweak and enhance them to get the best value from them. So, when does redesigning a website become important?

The Present Design Starts Looking Outdated

You may be sure of the content on your website. In fact, your website’s content may be completely evergreen and always relevant. However, if in spite of the tremendous value you deliver, you find that your website is looking “old”, the design looks ugly or doesn’t look as sleek as the others in your niche or even other niches, then you need to seriously get yours redesigned.

Here’s why: a modern looking website portrays professionalism and instills confidence in your visitors. An old one on the other hand, gives the impression that the business probably isn’t functioning or capable of delivering excellent services. As they say “perception is everything”.

Increased Bounce Rates, Lowered Clickthrough and Conversion Rates

If you check your traffic stats and find that people are spending less time on your website –higher bounce rates- there’s fewer clickthroughs and your conversion rates are dropping, you probably need a redesign. This could be caused by a myriad of factors, one of which could be the look and “feel” of the site. A fully functioning website should be very user friendly and should engage your visitors. If yours isn’t doing that, then you have a problem.

Enhanced Functions and Navigation

Redesigning your website opens it up and helps improve its functions and navigations. For instance, a redesign will typically target your website’s navigation, the colors and every crucial element that will make it easy for visitors to use your website, bookmark it and most importantly, share it among their friends.

Sleeker Performance and Improved Site Loading Speed

Nowadays, speed is everything. This can be easily seen in our daily lives. People want something and they want it now. The same applies to your website. If your website isn’t sophisticated, modern –not flashy- and loads fast, your visitors will be gone in no time. No one wants to wait for longer than 30 seconds for a website to load when there are others that will load in 5 seconds. A redesign will ensure that all the kinks, heavy images and everything causing the slow loading is eliminated and the website’s loading speed enhanced.

Search Engine Compliant and Responsive Designs

It is no longer enough to have just any website. You must have a website that also adapts to mobile devices. Some business owners typically decide to go for a separately hosted mobile website. While this might temporarily solve the problem, the truth is Google and other search engines will give a website that automatically adapts to the screen it’s viewed from, preference over others where the person has to choose. So, your website has to comply with the new search engine requirements if you want higher search engine rankings on both mobile phones and PCs.

Please remember that unless your business is in a very obscure niche, there are tons of alternatives –it’s the world wide web after all- that your visitors could check out. Don’t give them the opportunity to leave. Contact a proven Jacksonville web design firm to handle all your web design and redesign needs.

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