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ShearBiz is a local Jacksonville, Florida company that provides the finest types of Salon and Beauty scissors along with grooming shears and barber scissors.  They are also known in the area for providing excellent, cost saving, scissor sharpening.


When ShearBiz first approached us, their web presence consisted of a dated website made with an online “create your own website” tool.  They came to BCP Digital Marketing for a complete update and revamp of their website, one that would also be responsive to mobile devices so their clients would be better able to access data via smartphones and tablets and one that would help their conversion rate.


BCP Digital Marketing provided a full overhaul to the ShearBiz website with a sleek, contemporary design that displays attractively on all desktop and mobile devices. We updated the dark, dreary, homemade feel of the previous site to a brighter, more modern look.  This helped to target a younger demographic by providing a warmer, friendlier, more personable look along with the incorporation of social media. We also moved them to the BigCommerce shopping cart, which now provides them with detailed reports of conversions and analytics as well as being super simple for the owners to use.

Client Name: ShearBiz

Location: Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Services Provided: Responsive web design, BigCommerce shopping cart, improved conversion rates





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  2. Those were ideal thoughts that were expressed to us in the mannar that is expected and I would like to thank you @Gina for sharing your thoughts with us!!
    It’s really cool to see the coversion of it!!

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