How is your website doing?

The first quarter has already flown by and we're well into the second.  Now is a great time to see how your website is doing so far this year.

First, let's see about some basic practices.  Are you following them?

Your homepage tells the world who you are and what you do. Your headline, your tagline, the text and keywords you use should combine visually with the photos and videos to convey this message.

Can we see your phone number?  I can't believe how many sites make customers go to the "About Us" page to find their phone number.  The top right corner is a top-viewed location of a homepage that can be used to attract eyeballs and prompt action.  Your number should be up front, on the top and easy to see.  You WANT customers to contact you, don't you?

Your basic, important information needs to be “above the fold,” meaning a visitor does not have to scroll to see it.

How is your About Page connecting with customers? Does it help build trust?

People want to do business with people they trust.  I know I do!  Stanford conducted the Web Credibility Guidelines study to see what generates trust online. They found that seeing real people behind the organization and highlighting their expertise and credentials are big factors. Visitors will contact you when they know, like, and trust you. Give your About Us page that little extra attention and help website visitors get to know and trust you. This is your opportunity to tell people what you want them to know about you and your business. Share your history and show that there are great people on your team.  This will take some of the mystery out of  doing business with you.


Now let's give your site a checkup!

Are things not going well ???

Find out what is happening!

Are broken links causing your site traffic to be down?
Does your target-market want different types of articles or maybe you need to spice up your copy?

Look at your (Google) analytics and find out what is going on. If you see broken links, fix them. Make sure you have some sort of call to action on each page.  If your find that your customers are clicking frequently on a particular page, take a look at that content, then write more in that same style.

By reviewing your Google statistics, you can find out what is not going well and fix it. But more importantly, you can discover what information is valuable to your customers right now.

If they are going so-so…

Take a look at what is working and what isn’t.

Which pages are the most popular on your website?

Which marketing campaigns are bringing in new sales and which aren’t?

The great thing about today’s technology is that you can see what activities are working and change those that aren’t for the best results. If you are not taking advantage of Google analytics, e-mail statistics and other information you can track, start using it to take your activities to the next level of success.  If you have no idea how, just drop us a line and we'll be glad to help you out.

If they are going great…

Good for you! But this is no time to stop.

Review your marketing campaigns.  Take a look at your analytics and run A/B tests on them to see what works best.  Every one of your activities can be improved and/or updated to match the needs of your current, target market.  Your target market may have even changed!!

By providing the most valuable information at the best time (right place, right time concept), you can increase new site visitors and sales fast. But if you sit around celebrating your success without improving your activities, the competition will start stealing customers before you know it.

Keep Moving Forward.

No matter what is the state of your Website, you always need to be improving and moving forward. Your customers will always want the latest and greatest information. By reviewing your statistics, knowing what is going on with your different campaigns and being on top of customer needs, you can provide valuable material that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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