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6 Amazing Coaching Websites Designed To Generate Clients

Amazing Coaching Websites Design to Generate Clients - Now updated for 2022!

Professional Coaching website design is crucial... You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that impression comes from your website.   That's kind of a scary thought.  And designing a homepage that actually converts visitors into buyers can be pretty tricky.According to Margin Media, nearly 50% of your users say that if they come to your business coaching site on a mobile device and it looks bad or doesn’t work well, they take it as a sign that you don’t care. Yikes – but we can’t say we blame them?  Coaching clients are coming to you because they want their businesses to be better.  How can you help them if you're not putting forth a professional image of your own?

You need to know the elements of a great coaching website so you can tell your brand's story powerfully and grab business clients in the process.

The great news is… we've found some great examples of coaching websites that do just that, they convert those visitors into coaching clients.   Use these examples as a guide to creating a killer, sales producing website within just a few weeks.

Ok, let’s see how some coaching professionals just like you did it…

Not 6 But 8 Examples of Awesome Coaching Website Design (Updated for 2022)


lifestyle coaching

Mel Noakes - The Self Care Coach

Great points on this website:

  • The home page is clean and uncluttered. Notice the professional photos of Mel. People want to connect with people.... not stock images. So using images of real people gives you that connection and a sense of relatability.
  • Her lead magnet is front and center, right under the header image. The lead magnet is a free downloadable ebook on “the little book of Self Care”, which is a quick read and offers the reader great benefit.
  • There are call-to-actions all throughout the home page and each one tells the reader exactly what they should do, leading them to Mel's goals.



Preston Smiles

Great points on this website:

  • Preston creates that personal connection and establishes credibility right from the start by using fantastic images of himself. I can't say it enough... People want to do business with people. Use your image.
  • Since Brandon has done the circuit a bit, using an “as seen in” section and bio that are all strategically placed early on is a great strategic move.
  • What I love the most is the interactive feel of the website. Notice in the second image how he's giving you a switch to choose to stay as you are and not do anything or switch it to Amplify where you choose to do something and get to your goals. Interactive aspects of a website work really, really well since we all are so in tune with "doing something".




Tenfold Coaching

“Build your business acumen.  Your business needs you to be at your best”.

Great points on this business coaching website design:

  • Look at the top right of every, single page.  There it is, the contact number with the Call-To-Action text “CALL US TODAY”. Also notice that on a smart phone, all a coaching client needs to do is click to call.  This is a great way to entice potential customers to pick up the phone and give you a call and is proven to increase conversion rates.
  • Their irresistible lead magnet is front and center on their homepage banner. The lead magnet is a free downloadable ebook on “Ultimate 5 Minute Business Health Check”, which offers great value and can be read quickly.
  • Another Call-To-Action on the banner “How Healthy Is Your Business?  Take the Health Check Now”.  The goal here is to prompt potential coaching clients to click on the button and download the ebook. It’s a awesome approach to build up your client contact list for future marketing campaigns.




Cancer Confidence

“Cancer Confidence helping people experiencing cancer to passionately lead themselves, and live and energized quality of life”.

Some stellar points on this homepage:

  • An amazing picture of the founder of the business is used, giving a warm and human element to the homepage.
  • Large images with the same color toning are used throughout.  This gives a continuity to the whole site.


  • Notice the opt-in.  There is a free 3-part video on “How To Change The Cancer Conversation” which will form an almost instant connection with the target audience and help them collect leads.
  • A free download is also offered – “The 7 Stages Of Cancer Acceptance” to get viewers to register for their newsletter. This is a great example of an effective use of a lead magnet as a conversion strategy.


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Kim Vella Coaching

“By collaborating with accredited and experienced executive coach Kim Vella, you can be your brilliant best.”

This business coaching web design is also a winner. Take a look at these:

  • Displaying the ICF and ACC certifications on the homepage increase both the trust and credibility of Kim's Coaching services in the minds of the potential clients.
  • The Call-To-Action button “Book your free confidential 30-minutes consultation with Kim” encourages people to click and book the free consultation with Kim. Sometimes a lot of websites miss this obvious point of just telling your visitors what to do but in this case, Kim has nailed it.
  • Look at the footer... navigation for all their services along with their contact information and office address is nicely displayed.  Putting this information in the footer, not only helps your visitors to navigate your site, but it can sometimes draw more traffic from the Google!


How To Convert Your Prospects Into Clients





Rebecca Warren

“Find solutions to your health concerns that fit in with your everyday life”.

Some knock-it-out-of-the-park points on this homepage:

  • A fantastic, large picture of Rebecca is used, giving a warm and human element to the homepage.  Showing the face behind your business is crucial.
  • Large images with the same color toning are used throughout.  This gives a continuity to the whole site and the color choices are very inviting.
  • A free download is also offered - “Nutritional Tool Kit” to get viewers to register for their newsletter. This is another great example of an effective use of a lead magnet as a conversion strategy.  The days of "sign-up for our newsletter" are long gone.  Now you have to give something of real value to your visitors to entice them to give you their email address.



conversion3 Reasons Your Website Isn't Generating Sales



Toni Planinsek Real Estate Mentor

“Helping Real Estate Beginners To Lease, Buy or Invest Like a Pro”

  • This website is full of podcasts.  By Toni teaching the material this way, it helps increase both the trust and credibility in the minds of her potential clients.  They get to "know" Toni and will feel more comfortable when speaking with her for the first time.
  • The color combination runs throughout the entire website and the choice of colors really helps the navigation to stand out, helping the visitor find what they are looking for easily.
  • Real pictures of Toni, not stock photos!  Again, this helps make her a real person, someone her potential clients can connect with.



Maurice Goldberg

“Bringing Clarity and Inspiration To Actions and Acceleration To Success”.

Notice these points:

  • Yet again, a fantastic, large picture of Maurice is used, giving a warm and human element to the homepage.  I know I've said it a lot, but if you are your brand, show yourself!
  • The best thing on this site is the testimonials.  Notice that he's displayed a fair amount of glowing reviews from real people.  Images of those people are displayed with the testimonials showing that they are indeed real folks, just like the visitor looking at the website.  It gives a sense of credibility.

How does your website stack up when it comes to generating sales?

Leave us a comment below with your top tips!


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