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You need a website that drives conversions, is easy to update and tells your story.  It's about time that you love your website again.

Web design that works

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Websites are more than just making the internet pretty.  They need to work.

It is the job of the website to

  • Understand the needs of the visitor
  • What are their hopes and fears
  • What information do they need

The content and the container work hand in hand to create to make sure your visitor's eye scans through a series of stories and messages where they get their questions answered and where you can showcase proof points, evidence, brand, story and calls to action so that their clarity and trust and confidence in you and your business rises.  Visitors get their questions answered just like they’re talking to a top sales associate and we get them past that psychological threshold where now they’re willing to take action...To get the confident enough to convert. That’s the job of your website.

Does yours do that?

Our Jacksonville web design and development team specializes in embodying your company and brand online – telling your story through consistent messaging and visuals built with your customer in mind. We’ll help you craft an online presence that is thoughtful, effective, and visually stunning.

Founded in Jacksonville in 1999, we've established ourselves as a Jacksonville web design agency for marketing professionals and their teams. What this means for you is that you'll have a partner focused on the objectives of your marketing team as we work with them to build websites that perform for them, promote higher visibility, increase audience engagement and use data to build conversion funnels that bring in qualified leads.


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Our Jacksonville web design agency focuses on your brand because we believe that digital growth and marketing activities all should lead back to your brand. How you are represented on your marketing website can lead a visitor through an intentional journey towards contacting you.

Jacksonville, FLorida

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Don't let the name fool you! At BCP Digital Marketing, we're more than just a marketing company. We're committed to ensuring your business website design is the best it can possibly be. 

You can expect us to go above and beyond to understand your brand voice, vision, and tone so that your new website not only exceeds design expectations but also represents your business to the fullest. 

We take a proactive approach to website design making sure that your needs are met at every single turn.

Overall, we value communication, collaboration, and conversions and you can expect all three if you choose to work with us on your business website.

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Custom Website Design and Development Jacksonville

What makes a website stand out? Is it clean and responsive design trends? Professional graphics and media? A stellar performance in Google's search results?

First-rate website design has all of the above components, sure. But there's a whole lot more that goes into creating a great website and we know exactly how it should be done. 

Building a great website is both an art and a science and we've mastered both over the years.

Your website shouldn't just attract visitors, it should be optimized specifically to convert visitors into leads and eventually leads into clients. 

When you understand exactly what it takes to build a website, crafting a custom, professional, and responsive design becomes much easier to manage.

Still, putting theory into practice isn't an easy task. That's why it's so important to choose a digital partner that has a deep understanding of how all the moving pieces of your website come together. And more importantly, it can help you make the best impression of your business online.

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Features We Offer In Our Websites

Mobile Friendly Design

With BCP, you can expect responsive web design as a standard.

We don't just look at your newly customized website on a PC. We also make sure that our Jacksonville website designs are functional on mobile devices and tablets to ensure that visitors accessing your page get the best first impression possible.

User Friendly Navigation

One of the most important parts of your jacksonville web design as a business is making sure that your website is easy to navigate.

No one wants to visit a confusing or unclear site.

Visitors want to know who you are, what your company can do for them, how to contact you, what's in it for them. We can help you lower your bounce rate by making your website user-friendly, simple, and effective.

Opt Ins for More Leads

Every good corporate website design has a feature that encourages those who land on your website to take action.

This call to action often appears in a pop-up box, button, or form that is easy for visitors to subscribe to email updates.

An opt in feature helps build your email list, which you can then use as lead magnets for those looking for your business' services.


Your jacksonville website design also needs to have clear information that speaks directly to clients who are seeking out your business's specialty.

We can help you prioritize the information that matters, simplifying and streamlining your services and other important information in the most effective way possible.

Video Messages

Have you considered creating video for your business?

Visitors love video content. In fact, having a good video on your website can actually boost your conversion rates significantly.

We work with you to create video messages that promote your reputation as a successful business or brand, increasing your chances of acquiring clients.

Professional Testimonial Page

An impressive layout isn't all that matters when it comes to putting your best foot forward.

Your future clients want to see your wins. And more importantly, they want to see that you're a trusted resource in your industry. 

Let us help you create a professional testimonial page that attracts new clients or customers through that all important word-of-mouth.

Search Engine Friendly

All of our jacksonville website designs are created to be SEO friendly.

While actual SEO and PPC services are part of our marketing packages, we'll make sure you start out on the right foot by ensuring all the meta tags are in place and crafted for your target audience.

You Get to Own It

We customize all of the web designs for your business or brand, but that doesn't mean we get to keep it.

Once we've finished your website design, and you've paid for it, it's yours to keep! Not only that, but you can easily move your website to another host or site if you ever need to change your platform.

Easy Updates

Every one of our websites is built to make it extremely easy for you to update your website if you choose. 

You don't need to be a website designer or developer to make changes. Go ahead and add those client testimonials, case results and more with ease!

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FAQs about Jacksonville Website Design

Absolutely! We will never hold your website hostage.

We aiming for BETTER than your competitor!  We've found a formula that work extremely well for getting leads for your website.  It's a pattern, but none of our websites are cookie-cutter.  We tailor them all to your specific needs and customize them to fit your unique brand voice, vision, and tone.  And if you truly want to 100% customized website that uniquely you, we can help you make that a reality as well.

All of our websites are built to be easy for you to edit if you wish without technical experience. We do encourage you to take advantage of our Website Care Plans that are part of every marketing package we have.  This allows us to maintain and edit your website for you with just an email from you. When you put your website in our care your time is freed up to focus on what really matters, serving you clients.

For transparency, we're happy to share the cost of our websites. Generally they start at around $4500 for small or solo businesses and can vary significantly depending on what's involved with your project. We do offer discounts for clients who are on one of our marketing packages so keep that in mind as well. The best way to get an idea on what your website would cost is to reach out for a FREE consultation!

Have another question about our jacksonville website design?  Just click the pink bubble in the lower right corner and we'll be happy to answer!

Get a Custom Website Design for Your Business

A well planned, conversion focused website design is just a click away. Get in touch for a risk-free consultation if you're ready to grow your business with a professional, responsive, and user-friendly website made custom just for you. 

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Great job designing a beautiful website and marketing it..

Gina and team did a great job designing a beautiful website and marketing it. She really thinks through each part of the project. Plus, she goes the extra mile to make sure we are getting all the features we need for our industry. I appreciate the personal attention she gives to her projects.

- Katie C, Oklahoma

Easy to work with...

BCP really enhanced our web presence! They were very easy to work with, implemented a lot of really good ideas and I'm glad to say that their new design for our site has generated more clients! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional web presence.

- Christopher Brychell

Starting my own practice...was a lifesaver for me

Gina was a lifesaver for me as I was starting my own practice and needed a website that would be user friendly for clients.  From the beginning of the process of setting up the website to the end, she explained everything clearly so that I knew what to expect at every stage.  The end result is a website that greatly exceeds my expectations and does everything I wanted it to do.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Gina and BCP Digital Marketing.

- Susan Mandryk, Cleveland, Ohio

Amazing to work with...

BCP was amazing to work with. They took the time to fully understand my needs and work well within my budget. The end result was more than I ever hoped for. They were easy to work with and made the process simple. I've worked with others before & always ended up being disappointed. I definitely recommend them.

- Jessica Dohm, Minnesota

Our Capabilities

Website designs aren’t the only thing we do.  Check out the other high-quality services we offer:

Web Application Design & Development

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Managed Hosting

Marketing Automation

Active Demand / Enquire Automation

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