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How to Make My Website SEO Friendly

You just launched a professionally designed website that's beautiful... Awesome!... but it won't earn you high Google rankings unless you optimize it.  If you want your site ranked among the top of the search engines and maximize your traffic, you need to apply all the techniques of search engine optimization efficiently. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective means of getting your online business moving towards the top of the charts. SEO can enhance your brand, maximize recognition, and capture a new audience. Additionally, SEO allows companies to retain their existing clientele base while still driving sales and revenue.

Many website designers can find it overwhelming to design a

SEO friendly website. Here's the list of top four basics that can help you create one without being overwhelmed or stressed.

seoResponsive/ Mobile-Friendly Website Design 

It's just a fact... mobile devices have become a part of everyday life, and people seem to use them more than any other gadget. Numerous reports, surveys, and other analyses show that the number of people using the internet via their mobile phones is much higher than those accessing it through their desktop or laptop computers. This is why mobile-friendly website design is a MUST!

A mobile-friendly/ responsive website is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, including tablets or smartphones, as well as others. Whereas sites that are non-optimized for mobile devices are meant to be viewed on the desktop and laptop computers only. Mobile screens are usually unable to display such websites correctly because of their smaller screen panels.  Now raise your hand if you're a fan of reading text that's about the size of a pinhead... Yep,  no hands are raised.

However, a responsive/mobile-friendly website design possesses the capability to transform sizes and shapes with respect to the viewing device automatically. Mobile optimization ensures that users who are accessing your website have an optimal experience. It also addresses the structure, design of the site, and speed of the site, so your audience doesn't run away, which always helps increase sales.


searchSEO-Optimized Text and Images 

Text on a website has always been a significant component. It creates the foundation of your website and is still on Google's radar. So, it is important to make sure that your text is unique, subject-relevant, authentic, and grammatically perfect. This will keep you from being hit by the Panda site penalty of Google. Similarly, you also need to make sure that images are unique, subject-specific, high definition and appealing to the users' eye.

Don't forget about the technical stuff, such as the title, Meta description, featured images, etc. All of this type of content should be SEO-optimized to develop an SEO friendly website. Additionally, optimizing further content to be uploaded on your website can be of great help and enhance the effectiveness of your website at large.

Pro Tip – the images on your website can be optimized by naming them accordingly. For instance, if you run a beauty brand, you can upload the relevant images with the names of skincare.jpg, facecare.jpg, etc.

seoSolid Text-based Navigation System

Navigation systems are an important part of website designing. They help search engines and users in reaching the different pages or parts of a website. These systems should always be designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

In your website architecture, developing a foundation with an SEO-optimized navigation system is the key to designing an SEO friendly website. Think about the technical aspects. There needs to be reasoning behind the navigation to make it a spider-friendly website.  It will help you create a user-friendly website design where each user would be capable of navigating from one area to the other without being confused or facing any resistance.

It does boil down to the fact that the better and more SEO friendly navigation system your website has, the more your viewing audiences will be converted into sales and revenues.


301 redirectEfficient Redirection 

Redirection is another critical aspect of making an SEO friendly website. Even a minute mistake made in the redirection of your new website pages can cause HUGE impacts on the ranking and traffic of your website. Your audience will see a 404 error if you delete the old website pages without creating an adequate redirection for the new pages of your website. Additionally, your newly designed webpages won't exist on the search engines due to improper redirection and, consequently, won't appear in the search results.

301 redirects can save you from this horror by keeping your traffic as well as the ranking of your website. 301 redirects are capable of informing the search engines about the fact that your old pages have been transformed into new versions. Apart from that, you can also put links of new pages on the old versions for efficient redirection.  Moreover, a customized 404 error page can be made to point visitors towards the new version.



Designing a professional and attractive website is important. However, making it user-friendly and SEO friendly is equally important at the same time. Follow the key strategies and tactics of SEO, such as mobile-friendly/responsive website design, SEO-optimized text and images, SEO friendly navigation systems, and efficient redirection to help you build an SEO friendly website. It will help you maximize brand recognition and loyalty, drive business sales and revenues, and stabilize your brand for a longer period of time.

Investing in SEO will get you long-term, reliable traffic, leading to more sales and loyal patients. And that makes it such a great investment.

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