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PPC Ad Writing – The Dos and Don’ts

PPC ad writing isn't hard and it isn't a science.  There are a few simple rules to follow and you should be on your way to catching your new client's eye!

The PPC ad's headline is the first thing people will see in the search results. To catch eyes and get clicks, it's imperative to write a headline that includes your keyword while being unique and compelling. Consider these dos and don'ts when writing headlines for PPC.

DON'T use a generic headline

Do a little competitive research on the keywords you plan to bid on, and take note of how you can separate yourself from the pack.  PPC Ad Writing is easy with a little TLC and showing your uniqueness.

DON'T waste characters

You have 25 characters to grab the searcher's attention and convey your message. A single-word headline is dull and overly broad.

DO communicate your value prop

Use the extra characters that aren't taken up with your keyword to tell people what's unique about your offering. Do you offer free shipping? Are you running a big sale? Don’t wait for people to click through to find out why they should buy from you – entice them to click with your headline.

DO anticipate the searcher's intent

A keyword doesn't always tell you everything. Take the query \"New York bagels\" – this could be a New Yorker looking for a nearby bagel shop, but it could also be an Jacksonville resident who can't find good bagels locally. (This is where some deeper keyword research would be in order, to determine the geographic source of the traffic.)

If you run a bagel shop that ships nationally, and you know you're getting traffic from all over the country, make sure your ad makes it clear that you're not just a local bagel shop. "New York Bagels" alone doesn't tell the whole story; "New York Bagels, Anywhere" conveys a lot with just one more word. ("Order New York Bagels" is more specific, but doesn't let the user know what locations the shop ships to.)

DON'T misspell anything

Really?  I really have to tell you this?  I guess I do, because it happens.  Proofread your ads BEFORE YOU PUBLISH THEM! A big old typo in your headline does not help your credibility as a business.

And as always...  good luck to you.  May fortune smile down on your business!

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