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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a quick route to getting leads and increasing your website traffic.  And who doesn’t love a quick win?!?  PPC lets you jump to the head of the line on Google and Bing. With the right budget and strategy, you can get immediate visibility for even the most competitive and lucrative keywords.


Pay-per-click marketing offers a great compliment to your existing SEO strategies and helps you to develop your overall internet marketing strategy plan.


Let us develop a kick-ass PPC strategy for your business (or overhaul your existing pay-per-click campaign). Maybe you need month-to-month management, or a new set of eyes on a campaign.  Let us get your business the leads and traffic you need.  We can help!

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Orlando PPC management services along with landing page design to help clients generate new leads, reach their goals and grow their business.

What Our PPC Services Include

Our comprehensive PPC services cover everything necessary to fuel your growth, from thorough audits to creating new landing pages, and executing well-thought-out campaigns. We take a hands-on approach, ensuring we’re with you at every step. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our services:

PPC Campaign Audit

You can’t move forward without knowing where you’ve been, right? If you’ve already got PPC ads running, we’ll dive deep into your existing campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. This helps us align perfectly with your digital marketing goals and business dreams.

Conversion & Goal Tracking Review

Tracking is everything. We’ll audit all your conversion points—forms, calls, emails, and appointments—to make sure everything is being tracked properly. Trust us, tracking errors are more common than you think, and we’re here to fix that!

Strategy, Buildouts & Execution

This is where the magic happens! We’ll build a strategy that takes your budget, bid types, optimization goals, and creative ideas into account.

Audience, Ad Copy & Creative Buildout

After we nail down your ideal client personas, we’ll create custom audiences for targeted campaigns. Then, we’ll craft ad copy that speaks directly to them using the best keywords we’ve found.

Custom Reporting

We believe in keeping you in the loop with customized reports that show your PPC campaign’s progress. These reports are tailored to your KPIs, CRM data, and other valuable insights, making them perfect for sharing with your team’s top brass.

Competitive Analysis & Market Research

We love crafting winning strategies just for you! We’ll keep an eye on your competitors and industry trends, auditing both direct and indirect competitors, and staying on top of Google Trends and other insights.

Identifying Key Opportunities & Platforms

Your PPC strategy is all about leveraging the right opportunities and platforms. Whether it’s PPC, Display, or Shopping campaigns, we’ll pinpoint the best areas for growth and find some quick wins to get you started.

Keyword Research & Development

Launching PPC ads without keyword research? No way! We’ll dive into keyword research to find the best opportunities based on your client personas, goals, and unique selling points.

A/B Testing and Landing Pages

Testing, testing, 1-2-3! We’ll test headlines, ad copy, landing page designs, and images to see what your audience loves. This is also the time to update or build custom landing pages focused on conversions. 

What's Included in Every Professional PPC Management Services Package?


Competitive Analysis

Past Campaign Analysis

Google Analytics Analysis

Account Setup / Restructuring

AdWords Tracking Code Setup

Initial campaign development & strategy

Keyword Discovery & Selection

Ad Groups Creation

Ad Campaign Copywriting

Negative Keyword Research

PPC Cost Management

ROI Analysis

A/B Ad Split-Testing

Ad copy performance testing


Ad Scheduling

Ongoing keyword development & tweaking

Keyword Matching Options

Dynamic keyword insertion into ads

Budget Management

Strategic Keyword Bid Management

Conversion Tracking

Help with Optimizing Landing Pages

Monthly Success Report

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We never "Set It & Forget It"

If we did that, you would just be wasting money!  We'll create a complete PPC program or overhaul your existing campaign with ongoing optimization and management services. Whether you need month-to-month management or a new perspective, we can help.

Your Jacksonville PPC Management Agency

NO Long-Term Contracts.  Really.

There are so many PPC Agencies that lock you into a long-term contract...not us!

At BCP Digital Marketing, one of the top Orlando PPC Management companies, we’re confident enough in our abilities that we don’t need to pressure you into a contract.  We’ll always give you our all, including our word that we’ll deliver on the strategies we set together. We know our strategies work. We want our clients to stay with us because our marketing programs bring you traffic, because it brings you customers, because you see its value.  We don’t want you to stick around because you’re trapped.

We promise you’ll like what you see and that way we will always continue to earn your business.


Efficient & Tailored

After searching through the many services and being disappointed with a large, speciality company, I came across BCP Digital Marketing. Not only were their fees much less than their competitors, but their service was more efficient and tailored than I had previously experienced. In addition, they have always been available for help when it has been needed. I highly recommend BCP Digital Marketing and would urge anyone in the market to give them a try.

Jason Speigel, DMD

Amazing to work with...

BCP was amazing to work with. They took the time to fully understand my needs and work well within my budget. The end result was more than I ever hoped for. They were easy to work with and made the process simple. I've worked with others before & always ended up being disappointed. I definitely recommend them.

- Jessica Dohm, Minnesota

Great To Work With

The quality of the work, the expert strategy recommendations, and overall support in our digital marketing efforts has helped our team and business grow.  I'd recommend them to any business owner seeking smart digital marketing strategy and execution.

Brad Ahrens, Concord Development Partners

If You Have A Growth Mindset, Let's Talk.