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The Brief

Earthcore is another of our very favorite clients.  They came to us when their original web design company had failed them.  Unfortunately we hear this a lot.  So we stepped in, fixed the problems that were there, added some custom pages to their website, did some redesigning magic to make their website responsive, helped them with their security and at the end of the day we kinda felt like superheros.  LOL!

We continued to do on-demand custom programming and design for this company so when the time came to entirely redesign the website, we were their first call.

When the full redesign project happened, the client was requesting a way to reduce calls that asked common questions.  They were also looking for a way to reduce purchasing questions since they are the manufacturer and not the distributor or end seller.  Earthcore was also requesting a way to generate leads but get those leads to the appropriate sales teams.  Another requested element was to showcase their product catalog in a way that was easy to view online.


Our Approach

At first we were troubleshooting and duct-taping Earthcore's current website to fix the problems they were having, add security to the website and to add additional pages needed. Working with Earthcore continuously, leading us to a great partnership with them.

Eventually it was decided that Earthcore would like a complete overhaul and redesign of the website.  We spent many meeting with their management making sure we knew exactly who they wanted their target audience to be, what problems they were trying to overcome and what their end goals were.  Armed with this information we created a variety of mockups that would allow them to showcase their information in easy to read sections and get the updated look and feel they desired.

During the UX phase, we explored implementing a structured navigation throughout the website, which allows users to move seamlessly through to the end goals of their journey. Additionally, we also placed the call-to-actions more strategically to increase user interaction and guide them to the most appropriate parts of the website.

In order to show off Earthcore's latest product catalog in an easy to view online manner, we implemented a FlipBook that allows users to user their finger or mouse to flip through the entire catalog.

To minimize purchasing question calls, we implemented a dealer locator application.  This allowed the user to type in thier zipcode or click on the map, which would then bring up the appropriate store information, locations and phone numbers of the closest distributors.

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The Results


Increase in  Leads.


Increase website traffic.


Decrease in Cost/Conversion


Increase in CTA clicks


Increase in Impressions.


Decrease in advertising budget in year 1

Digital Marketing Support

BCP was also requested to take over Earthcore's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and their Google Ad management.

During the redesign we were able to do in-depth keyword research to identify what terms would be beneficial to reaching Earthcore's target audience. We were able to structure the copy to incorporate those keywords, make sure the site was mobile friendly and immediately upon going live started seeing a jump in their rankings.

We also cleaned up and structured their Google Ads account, created individual landing pages and reallocated their budget.  This was considered a great success when we saved them over $90,000 in their ads budget in the first year alone while increasing their traffic and sales. We continually readjusted and optimized all the campaigns and continued to increase their leads year over year.



Custom Application

One of the ways we ensured customer interaction is by building a custom application that asked the user a series of questions to help them determine the right type of fireplace and accessories needed for that fireplace.  It also server to increase leads by sending the user entered information to the appropriate regional or local manager to send to his sales team for followup.

manufacturer custom app

What They Had To Say

It has been a great experience working with BCP Digital Marketing. When I first came to BCP our company’s website had been coded and marketed by a local firm and was a complete ‘hack job’. With BCP’s knowledge and skills, they have taken our website from only partially working to functioning at full power 100%. BCP Digital Marketing has been very responsive with quick turn around times. I have appreciated all their help and they will have my business for any and all future digital marketing jobs.

Nicole C.
Earthcore Industries

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