Danforth Security Consulting

The Brief

BCP was contacted by Danforth Consulting to redesign their home made website to now show them in a more professional light.  The goal was to highlight how important it is to be ready for security events, but not scare the visitors at the same time.  The budget was tight and they needed someone to do the upkeep on the site as well. The goal of the project was to create a thoughtful, intuitive, inspiring website which supports their brand, business model and highlights their unique business.


Danforth Consulting approached BCP with a mission to transform their homemade website into a polished, professional online presence. Our challenge was to emphasize the significance of being prepared for security events while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Despite a limited budget, they also sought a reliable partner for ongoing website maintenance.




Jacksonville, FL


Web Design
Website Care Plan


Our Approach

We approached the design with the thoughts that it must showcase the business professionally, stand out from the competition, and be extremely user friendly for both customers and staff. So we started the process by experimenting with unique layouts and finding interesting ways to display their content while showcasing their businesses.

With these objectives in mind, we crafted a thoughtful, intuitive, and inspiring website that not only reinforced their brand identity and business model but also showcased their distinct offerings in the industry. Let us help you achieve similar success by elevating your online presence and supporting your unique business goals.

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