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How Do You Do B2B Industrial Marketing?

A simple guide to help you create an efficient/effective B2B online marketing campaign

Wikipedia defines Industrial Marketing (or business-to-business marketing) as the marketing of goods and services by one business to another.  Does your business offer products or services to other businesses that operate in the Industrial sector? (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, manufacturing, construction, transportation, banking, utilities) If so, then your #1 priority is to ensure your B2B industrial marketing speaks directly to their problems and concerns and offers solutions tailored to their specific market.

Now, no matter if your business offers products/services in many niches of the industrial sector or only one specifically, the marketing (you’ll be glad to know) really doesn’t change. The techniques and strategies of B2B marketing are the same no matter the type of business you are marketing to, only the language itself may change. This simply means that if you are marketing to a specific sector, make sure your message, graphics, etc. relate to that industry…the more targeted your message, the better it will be received! Having said that, let’s dig into some of the techniques you will need to be familiar with when creating an effective B2B marketing strategy for the Industrial sector:

*NOTE: Before we begin, I want to mention that you do NOT have to utilize all the techniques mentioned below. An effective b2b industrial marketing strategy could be comprised of one, several, or all that will be mentioned, but it is through testing and measuring results that you can decide which ones work most efficiently for your goals. Ok, let’s dig in!


Build a robust e-commerce website platform -

Step 1 entails securing a solid website platform for your business. While you may already have a website, you will want to ensure it is more than sufficient to support your upcoming b2b industrial marketing efforts. This may include any of the following (and in many cases, ALL the following)

  • It is responsive, meaning it will display properly on mobile devices and all interactive aspects of the site will be functional there as well
  • It will feature prominent connections to all your business’s social media platforms (don’t make them search for links, feature buttons to allow them to connect to your Facebook, Instagram etc. front and center on the page!)
  • Provide live chat access if possible…if they want to connect with you immediately, make it easy for them to do so!
  • Provide other ways to connect including phone number, email, and contact forms (allow them to use the method THEY are most comfortable with)
  • Ensure your website allows visitors to purchase products and services quickly and easily. Offer a variety of payment methods as well to increase the choices and quality of experience for the customer.


Unique positioning -

As mentioned in the intro, you will want to ensure that your marketing is niche oriented to your target market. Using the language THEY use and offering products & services that are tailored for that particular niche will result in much higher interest and engagement from the prospects you target.  This is super important in b2b industrial marketing since you need to let people know why they should by from you and not your competitor.


Video marketing WORKS -

A little investment can go a LONG way in the world of digital marketing. Sure, some well written targeted TEXT can help deliver an effective message, but better than reading is truly SEEING and HEARING! This make video marketing an absolute must in today’s highly interactive digital world. And when you consider how highly advanced the average cell phone is these days, the video production can include a budget of almost ZERO dollars! Your video marketing can be as simple as you speaking directly to your client via a video you host on your website, posted on your social media platforms, or emailed directly to specific clients. You can also get more elaborate and spend money on videos that include special effects and custom music and while they can be effective as well, they are not always as effective as a simple video message that is delivered with conviction.


Establish (and consider increasing) your digital advertising budget -

In the world of digital marketing, it is PAY TO PLAY marketplace. This means that in order to secure any significant reach, you will have to purchase digital advertising. These ads could be hosted on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or any of several platforms and as your digital ad creation skills increase, so will their effectiveness in achieving your desired goal. This could be directing them to LIKE your Facebook page, offer their information to allow you to call them, or even direct them to your sales page to allow them to purchase your products and services immediately. Whatever the goal may be, ensuring you have a sufficient ad budget in place and an ad strategy that will deliver results is crucial.

Use content marketing to support your customer’s / prospect’s journey -

Quality content marketing is another vital aspect of any b2b industrial digital marketing campaign. This is not just about a promotional post on your Facebook page, but instead, content that helps engage, teach, and even entertain your target prospects. Effective examples include:

  • An article written to help your prospect learn an important lesson in how to carry out their duties more effectively
  • A series of HOW-TO articles teaching your target market how to better market their own business
  • Videos that contain similar content as to the above
  • Updated news/press releases that are specific to your target market’s industry

The goal with this type of marketing is to put you and your business as the GO TO resource for information and education about the industry you are marketing to. The more they trust and rely on you, the more likely they will be to visit your social media pages, your website, and of course, purchase your products and services.

While the list above may seem intimidating at first as you are creating your industrial marketing plan, keeping in mind one simple fact may help ease your mind a bit…

Every piece of b2b industrial marketing you put into place and make LIVE on the internet, can keep working for you days, weeks, months and years on end.

If you create a quality article and host it on your website, people can find it for years to come. The same is true with a video, and your social media posts as well. So, if your budget is small, simply work to build your marketing campaign piece by piece. As your sales increase and your digital marketing budget grows, add more money to your advertising budget, and repeat. Before long, you can have a wide reaching, highly producing marketing campaign that is engaging your market, making prospects view.

How does your b2b website stack up when it comes to generating sales?

Leave us a comment below with your top tips!

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