Answer Your #$%*^# Phone (or how to lose customers quickly)

As a consumer this holiday season, one of the biggest pet peeves I\'ve ever seen or experienced is being placed on eternal hold.  I don\'t care how cool or hip your waiting music is, there\'s only one thing running through every consumers mind....  "Answer your (bleeping) phone!"

Consumers do understand the necessity of being placed on hold.  It's the sign that your business is doing well and you are busy.  But how long do you really think a customer is going to wait before just either hanging up or (**gasp**) canceling their order??

So I beg you, this holiday season, please ramp up your phone staff.  Hire a couple out of work folks or college kids who could use a few extra bucks just answering your phones.  Or, if you can, hire an answering service that can handle the amount of calls you are getting.  Those extra orders that you save and happy returning customers that you produce will be well worth the cost.


Now another non-phone-answering related phenomenon that truly, truly amazes me, is when companies, specifically web design companies, just plain don\'t answer their phone or even call back prospective clients when they leave messages.  I do understand sometimes there is no one to answer the phone, or smaller businesses just can't take the call at the time.  But not returning messages???  To me, this is a simple rule of courtesy.  The amount of times I have heard BCP Digital Marketing clients tell us that other companies simply never returned their calls is astounding!  (Honestly, we kind of like it when they do that since it sends clients our way.)

But I'm begging you dear reader, as a business owner, get in gear and answer your #$%^# phone.

Oh!  Don't forget to try it if you need us. Give us a call.... leave a message... bet you we will answer or call you back 🙂  904-710-3203

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