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Make Sure You’re Safe – Home Router Attack

Yesterday Wordfence, one of the leaders in WordPress security, published a post showing how tens of thousands of home routers are hacked.  When these home routers are compromised, the attacker has full access to the home network behind each router.  It can work at hacking into workstations, mobile devices, home cameras, temperature control units and anything else connected to your home WiFi.  Argh!   That's enough to scare anyone who's ever seen an action movie!


We want to make sure you are safe.

WordFence has created a utility that you can use to check if your home router is vulnerable to the most common vulnerability they are seeing.  Just click here and it will take you to their page with the utility.   There are steps on what to do if your router is vulnerable.


Please just take a minute and check your home router.   It's something easy to do and will keep you safe.


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