Local Family Dentistry in Jacksonville Florida

The Problem

Julington Dental moved to a new part of Florida and needed to rebuild their practice.  Word of mouth and sponsorships were helping, but it was just not enough.  Jason Spegiel, one of the owners, decided to invest part of their marketing budget towards a digital strategy: website rebuilding and SEO.

The Solution: Building a solid foundation for growth

Building a successful inbound marketing program starts with solid brand positioning and a website that’s built to scale content marketing efforts and convert leads.

Digging into the data, we determined that the website needed a technical and conversion rework to improve user experience and drive visitors toward our conversion opportunities (educational guides, easily accessible form, consultations, etc.). Jason handed us the keys to the website, and we began site mapping and wireframing the site.


Mobile friendly!

For anyone using a mobile phone to look up their dentist, and let's face it, that's all of us – speed and device responsiveness are essential for Julington Dental's site visitors. With the new site, patients are able to get information at their fingertips and a quick contact tool makes it easy for clients to set up request appointments or to ask a question.

Ongoing Solutions: SEO

While the new website certainly helped results, the job isn't done. After the redesign, we started our Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts that has helped make Julington Dental one of the best known dental practices in their area.  The efforts yielded a 500% increase in the amount of keywords that they are now ranking on page 1 for in Google, ensuring that if a patient is looking for any of their services, Julington Dental is just a click away.


500% increase

in number of keywords they are

found on page one of Google

The Results

Now Julington Dental is has more than a facelift to an outdated site, they now have a true business development tool.   They have significantly increased patient leads and dental appointments. The practice has grown and allowed them to purchase new equipment and hire more staff.  When we told them they could get even more patients from other marketing activities, they were happy to let us know that they are almost at patient capacity now and until they move into a larger building they just cannot handle any more growth!



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