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A Holistic Approach to Healthcare Marketing

We follow an all-inclusive approach with our strategies and medical marketing services so you attract, connect, and retain the right patients to accelerate your business.

BCP Marketing is a healthcare marketing agency 100% dedicated to growing businesses in the healthcare industry while staying focused on achieving the best possible ROI for every single marketing dollar you spend.

But in order to attract and retain new patients while maintaining a hawk-eye on the bottom line, first we need to take a step back.

When we partner with healthcare clients such as doctors, dentists, medical spa owners, and other healthcare professionals, we start by building strategic and holistic healthcare marketing strategies.

Why A Healthcare Marketing Agency Helps Your Business

Everyone is looking for an easy way to learn about their healthcare practitioners or learn the latest healthcare technology. So here's the truth:

  • More than 60% of patients use search engines to research and study reviews before calling or scheduling an appointment.
  • Additionally, the first five organic results on the first page of search engines account for nearly 68% of all clicks. (Come on, who navigates to page two?)
  • And when it comes to choosing a medical practitioner, 84% of patients consider reviews to be trustworthy and reliable, as much as personal recommendations.

It's time to take your healthcare marketing plan off the back burner and crank up the heat that has you leaving an unforgettable first impression.

Stop Committing Random Acts of Marketing

When You Partner With A Medical Marketing Company

  • Gain back your time to focus what you do best

  • Achieve better results than navigating unknown marketing waters on your own

  • Receive easy-to-read and transparent digital marketing reports to stay informed on your ROI

  • Consistently propel your healthcare organization with monthly optimization efforts that don't waste your money

  • Unlock dream results without spending more with an in-house marketer

Let Us Be Your In-It-For-The-Long-Haul,
Healthcare Marketing Agency

Let our work speak for itself.  Here's the

healthcare marketing results

of one of the companies we worked on:

  • 215% increase in website visits

  • 500% increase of keywords on Google's first search results page

We can make this happen for your business too! Just take a look at the growth and imagine the revenue medical marketing can bring to your company.

Holistic Marketing:

The BIGGER marketing picture that determines the best strategies you put into a digital marketing plan.

medical marketing agency utilizing holistic marketing methods

Time and time again we've seen healthcare organizations barely getting by with piecemeal services, or not even quite sure if any of their efforts were delivering results.

That makes sense because no one took the time to understand the nuances and facets of healthcare organizations, healthcare systems, or the patient experience.

We understand the patient care journey and the unique ways to attract patients based on specialty practices.

BCP Marketing offers a cohesive, holistic marketing system for growth-minded medical practices and medical device companies. From our 20+ years in digital marketing, we crafted expert-packed packages based on what works and what doesn't, so you receive the maximum ROI.

As a manufacturer marketing agency, our holistic packaged services are tailored to your business. We only recommend healthcare marketing services that are proven to work for your business.

The Holistic Marketing Elevation Elite System

We're able to deliver our holistic packages no matter where you work in the healthcare industry by using the Holistic Marketing Elevation Elite System.

We've spent years perfecting this system...and it works.

By simultaneously focusing on authority, leads, and conversion, we're able to accelerate the number of new patients in your pipeline so you can get back to what you love the most: providing award-winning care to your patients, making your mark in the healthcare industry, and enjoying the success and freedom of a booming business.

When you partner with us, we'll start by learning everything we can about your business and your goals, while conducting a thorough audit of your marketing efforts.

Once we have the BIGGER picture of your business, we only recommend strategies following our authority, leads, and conversion formula that are proven to work.

If it's weaving in online reputation and reputation management, focusing on the patience experience, or rethinking brand strategy, it's a holistic healthcare marketing strategy tailored just for your business.

Medical Digital Marketing Services

We provide various marketing services to deliver maximum ROI for our clients. Some examples of our services include the following:

medical marketing agency system

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An undeniable component of a manufacturer's marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). What does it exactly mean?

The aim of SEO is to make sure your website ranks high in search engine results when potential customers search for your products and services.

For instance, when a potential client types 'the best fabric manufacturer in Ohio', the goal is for your website to hit the number one spot on Google. If your business is in the top spot on search engines, most likely, you will have more clients and more sales coming in.

SEO services is a long-term marketing approach we offer here at BCP. You will benefit from the positive results of SEO long-term through organic traffic and a powerful marketing strategy. We have an excellent team of SEO experts that will help your business climb in search results.

Website Design

One of the most important strategies for establishing a positive online reputation is creating a professional, engaging, and easy-to-navigate website. A professional website design provides a great first impression, boosts revenue, and in the long term saves money.

Who wants to keep on spending money to revamp the website design all over again? We don't want that here at BCP!

Our team consists of experts who live and breathe website design for manufacturing companies. We can work on updating your current website or design a new website that will wow your buyers.

Reputation Management

Taking care of your brand's reputation is a continuous process. You want potential leads not only to find you, but they want to see a brand with excellent products, satisfied customers, and positive reviews.

Our team of marketing experts will work relentlessly to boost and maintain your company's good reputation so new clients will be impressed and current ones to remain proud to work with you.

Marketing Strategies and Digital Ads

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies are designed to generate more leads, acquire more clients, and in short acquire more sales in your industry. We utilize go-to strategies, such as social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

We are also a Google Premier Partner, so we are well versed in all the latest tips and tricks for running Google Ads and pay-per-click (PCC) ads. Marketing strategies and digital ads are a must in every business. Without digital ads, it will be impossible to grow in the online world.

CRM Automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation is a system companies use to streamline processes. It's a combination of strategies, practices, and technologies used by companies to organize their business processes and make complex tasks so much easier! Plus, it significantly boosts the client experience.

Without CRM automation, everything will be manually done, operations are unorganized, and repetitive tasks will consume most of your time. We'll review your current CRM to identify potential opportunities for automations so you can accomplish more with less work!


  • New optimized website
  • Search Engine Optimization services
  • Online reputation management

"After searching through the many website-marketing-services, and being disappointed with a large, specialty company, I came across BCP Digital Marketing. Not only were their fees less than their competitors, but their service was more efficient and tailored than I had previously experienced. In addition, BCP Digital Marketing has always been available for tutorials and help when such has been needed.

I highly recommend BCP Digital Marketing and would urge anyone in the market to give them a try.” 

Jason S. D.M.D., Julington Dental


  • New optimized website for search engines

Gina and team did a great job designing a beautiful website and marketing it. She really thinks through each part of the project. Plus, she goes the extra mile to make sure we are getting all the features we need for our industry. I appreciate the personal attention she gives to her projects.

Katie C., Ohlahoma


  • Online reputation management
  • Increased online presence
  • healthcare marketing results

BCP Marketing was amazing to work with. They took the time to fully understand my needs and work well within my budget. The end result was more than I ever hoped for. They were easy to work with and made the process simple. I've worked with others before & always ended up being disappointed. I definitely recommend them

Jessica D., Minnesota

When You Partner

With A Healthcare Marketing Company

  • Gain back time to focus on customer relationships

  • Achieve better results than navigating unknown marketing waters on your own

  • Receive easy-to-read and transparent digital marketing reports to stay informed on your ROI

  • Consistently propel your organization with monthly optimization efforts that don't waste your money

  • Unlock dream results without spending more with an in-house marketer

If You Have A Growth Mindset, Let's Talk.