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How Much Should You Spend On Digital Marketing?

Not Sure How Much To Spend On Marketing?

Determining a company's budget involves considering industry dynamics, revenue streams, and overarching goals. While there's no universal formula, the great news is that we've delved into valuable industry insights to craft a tool tailored to your needs.

Our in-depth research spanned businesses of all sizes and sectors, enabling us to develop calculations grounded in real-world data. Ready to take the plunge?

Leverage our bespoke digital marketing calculator to pinpoint the ideal budget for your endeavors. Input your industry, annual revenue, and desired level of aggressiveness. We'll handle the rest, delivering a suggested budget amount perfectly aligned with your criteria.


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  • Low - cash is tight or we don't have the bandwidth for new customers but want to keep our marketing active.
  • Medium - we want to grow conservatively with a traditional marketing spend.
  • High - we have big growth goals and are ready to scale.
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Recommended Monthly Digital Marketing Budget

Disclaimer: The guidance offered is based on broad industry metrics, recognizing that each enterprise and sector displays distinct attributes. Certain mediums may prove to be more pivotal for your particular industry compared to standard industry benchmarks. To acquire a tailored proposal that accurately reflects your business’s individuality, we invite you to consult with BCP Digital Marketing.

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